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Date: July 2013
Re: New State-of-the-Art Torque Tester acquired
Today's' business climate requires a higher level of quality than ever before.  Our new tester is able to test to a degree of accuracy rarely seen in the hairspring industry ensuring consistency and reliability in the parts we produce.    

Date: May 2013
Re: New design capabilities increase speed of design.
USHS has always had a commitment to dependability, not just in delivery but also in the function of the springs we produce.  We have dedicated a great deal of resources into understanding the aspects of hairsprings related to torque, material and tolerances.  This custom design and development program allows us to support our customers from inception to production quicker than ever before while maintaining our high standards of quality.    

Date: December 2012
Awarded Best in Quality, Service & Delivery by a major U.S. manufacturer
Quality, service and delivery have always been important to all of us at USHS, but in 2012 one of our major customers recognized that commitment.  Honeywell awarded USHS their 2012 Best in Quality, Service and Delivery at a supplier conference at Honeywell.  USHS was chosen over a supply base of more than 500 suppliers world wide.   

Date: April 2009
RE: Addition of Opitcal Comparator

In our continuing effort to enhance inspection criteria we have added an Optical Comparator thus increasing our capabilities.