U.S. Hairspring LLC

Quality, Honesty, & Dependability made in the USA

Product Information
Manufacturer of high-quality precision hairsprings

Development and Design
We have the ability to meet virtually any specifications required using a wide range of metals that include the following:
    • Phosphorous bronze
    • Beryllium copper
    • Silver coated beryllium copper
    • NiSpan-C
    • Stainless steel
    • Inconel
    • Chase alloy
    • Certain precious metal
In addition to producing these parts we have also developed a design program that allows us to aid in the development of new product (click here for more info).

Our rolling tolerances are:
  • ± .0005" in width from .100" to .0005"
  • ±.0002" in thickness from .040" to .0005"
We are capable of creating springs with an outside diameter (O.D.) of .240" to 2.000". 

We are ISO 9001-2008 Certified.  
• Capabilities to 100% inspect to meet our customers requirements. 
• We employ a unique method of cleaning parts in order to ensure physical tolerances and cleanliness for greater solderability. 

Assembly and Packaging
• We will assemble and package your springs to fit your specific needs.
• For our customer's with more stringent cleanliness requirements we offer parts packaged in a Vapor Wrap paper.  This dramatically helps to prevent tarnish and oxidation from occurring.

For more information contact our sales department at
sales@ushairspring.com or call 1.860.302.5632.