U.S. Hairspring LLC

Quality, Honesty, & Dependability made in the USA

About Us

Our President 
Rane Dayon’s experience began over thirty-five  years ago, but his roots in the spring industry go back to his father, Roland Dayon, who owned his own spring manufacturing company.  While working at his fathers company Rane was offered the opportunity to apprentice under Mr. Al Dorau and learn the art of hairspring manufacturing.  He spent his first years with Mr. Dorau and eventually took over all hairspring operations at Dayon, Mfg.  He has since developed into an expert artisan in the hairspring-manufacturing field.     

U.S. Hairspring Has Sprung
U.S. Hairspring began quietly in 1995 producing only a small number of springs for select customers.  During 2003 Dorau-Calzo company (a then competitor in hairspring manufacturing) announced that they intended to permanently close their doors.  U.S. Hairspring made the offer to buy out Dorau-Calzo and this gave Mr. Dorau the piece of mind he needed to retire and close his doors; confident that U.S. Hairspring, under Rane Dayon, would continue to provide the quality of service he strived for.  In August of 2003 the acquisition of Dorau-Calzo prompted us to move into the new larger facility we are in today.  The move allowed us to better serve our new and existing customers.  In this same year we received our ISO 9001-2000 certification. 
U.S. Hairspring Today
Today U.S. Hairspring works diligently to provide our customers with quality parts.  We are proud members of our local Chamber of Commerce and in 2008 joined the Aircraft Instrument Assocoation (AIA), additionally, USHS is now also a member of the Society of Manufacturing Enginers.   We are able to manufacture to our customers specific needs and requirements. We are available Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm by phone, fax or email

Insuring Quality
To insure the quality of our product we have a multitude of torque testers capable of testing the full range of our parts.  We also have a 15x-power microscope to inspect the parts.  We have a full calibration system in place for all instruments as well as hand tools such as micrometers, and dial calipers. U.S. Hairspring became  ISO 9001-2000 certified and is now 2001-2008 certified.  With several years as a pilot, certified flight engineer and CFII behind him, Rane has a true hands-on understanding of the need for accuracy in the parts we are producing.

Springing Ahead
As the already miniscule number of experts left in the United States capable of producing miniature hairsprings continues to decline we look forward to expanding our growth; both domestic and foreign.  At U.S. Hairspring LLC we are steadfast in our resolve to reach all of the customers that this gap creates and to supply them with quality parts.  Rane has produced for the top instrument and meter producers in the country and we will continue this tradition applying our core values of quality, honesty & dependability.